Our History

Our History

This excerpt has been sampled from March 6, 1960, in commemoration of Fifty Years of Service.

A Baptist church was organized in the White Oak community in 1889 with the encouragement of the New Hopewell Baptist Church in Upshur County and with Rev. L.P. Ray as the pastor. This church ceased to exist when a division came in Texas Baptists in the early 1900s.

In the next few years, there was occasional preaching by itinerant Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian preachers. Rev. Albert Taylor from Van Zandt County gathered a congregation in the White Oak Schoolhouse and preached there occasionally.

The Reverend Taylor's ministry had far-reaching results. His daughter Georgia, who served as organist, later married Julius Tuttle of a prominent family in the community. It was largely through her efforts and in answer to her prayers that the present White Oak Missionary Baptist was organized on the first Sunday in March 1910. At that time the congregation met in the schoolhouse once a month for worship. The first pastor was Rev. Robert Marsh. Succeeding pastors included the Reverend Sin, T.S. Bomar, M.R. Cox, Johns, Griffin, Low, Preston Taylor, and Russell Taylor.

Rev. Obie F. Barton became the first full-time pastor of the church in 1931. During the pastorate, the East Texas oil boom was in full swing. A new larger auditorium, with a full basement for Sunday School classes, and a parsonage were built on a two-acre plot given to the church by Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Satterwhite.

Rev. Deckert Anderson became the next pastor in 1938, and Rev. A.J. Kirkland followed Brother Anderson in 1941. During his ministry, the church built more Sunday School rooms. Rev. A.J. Wall became pastor in 1946, followed by Rev. O.H. Griffith in 1948. In 1955 the church completed a new building and expansion program. The new church plant had complete air-conditioning and central heat.

In 1955 Rev. James B. Powers became pastor. In 1958 the South Wing was added. This wing contains an assembly room and nine classrooms. In 1959 the parsonage was remodeled and redecorated.

In February 1959 Rev. Glenn Perry became pastor, and the church maintained its community service and the spiritual guidance of its membership. At present church, membership has reached a total of 529 persons, with a Sunday School enrollment of 246.

In addition to its support of local, state, and foreign missions, the White Oak Missionary Baptist Church has sponsored a regular radio program, the East Texas Baptist Hour, now hear on Station KSIJ Gladewater, each Sunday morning at 9:00.

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We are no longer a Missionary Baptist Church, but simply White Oak Baptist Church. We have added an annex (known as the Nehemiah Fellowship Life Center); complete with a gym, classrooms, and a kitchen.